1. This is a free world-wide Correspondence Chess server
  2. This server is recognized by ICCF. How is it related to ICCF?
  3. You can play as many tournaments as you wish, entirely free
  4. You should be familiar with the basic rules of chess
  5. You should be interested in Server Correspondence Chess
  6. Registration in ICCF is required.
    • You could be already registered with ICCF
    • Otherwise please register with ICCF first (registration is free) before filling the form below and send an email to us or your national delegate
    • If you already registered in ICCF but forgot the ICCF ID, we will locate it
    • The ICCF password is not required. The password on this site is not the same as ICCF password
  7. After registration please check your email
  8. Feel free to contact us for your queries

Registration Form

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